5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Belgrade

Withdraw Belgrade and travel towards the regular save of Fruška Gora, home to 17 dynamic religious communities of the Serbian Conventional Church. Find out about the district’s wine industry at a conventional winery in Sremski Karlovci, where you will test territorial wine claims to fame. Wonder about the Rococo design of the downtown area, including Serbia’s most seasoned optional school at the Recreation center of Karlovci. Proceed to the Petrovaradin Stronghold.

1) Belgrade Craft Beer Tour
Taste Belgrade’s Craft Beer Revolution the Belgrade craft beer revolution has been quickly building momentum over the past several years, and there are so many homegrown brews and bars in Belgrade worth seeking out.

2) Wine Tasting in a cellar
Venture out to Serbia’s second largest city, Novi Sad, on a full-day tour from Belgrade. Head towards the Fruska Gora Mountain and visit the Krusedol Monastery and a family-owned vineyard in Sremski Karlovcin to sample local wines. Then head to Novi Sad’s city center to visit landmarks ,
3) Friday wine tour
Discover Serbian wine during this full-day, guided, winery and tasting tour in the Sumadija region that includes visits to various wineries. Visit wineries old and young and see the region where a royal family grows vines. Walk in a king’s cellar and see rare vintages, sample a range of varieties, learn about winemaking processes.

4) Private Wine Tour in Royal Region
Discover the world of Serbian wine in the Sumadija region during this full-day excursion that includes a stop at the Karadordevic Royal family wine cellar. Sample wines made from locally-grown Morova grapes and see how Trijumf wine is made at the modern Aleksandrovic winery. Meet a young winemaker at the Arsenijevic cellar to sip from their small but robust labels.

5) Wine Tasting
Experience Serbian history by following the path of the Royal Family during this full-day, guided tour. Learn how Serbia gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, visit the former residence of revolution leader, Karageorge, and a Royal mausoleum atop Oplenac hill. See the marble columns and stunning, painted mosaics of the St. George’s church adorned with 40-million pieces of colored glass.

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